Welcome to the AFTA

Welcome to the exciting world of Martial Arts, and to the Australian Freestyle Tae Kwon-Do Academy.

AFTA - A Combination of Old and New

The Australian Freestyle Tae Kwon-Do Academy has taken the traditional techniques and values of the Korean Martial Art and combined them with modern and realistic self defence forms to create a more practical and effective style. Whilst still concentrating on powerful kicks and traditional techniques of Tae Kwon-Do, a greater emphasis has been placed on hand techniques and realistic self defence.

Realistic Self Defence

The primary reason to learn Tae Kwon-Do is for self defence. The AFTA has focused on its self defence style, and all self defence is "realistic, practical, and effective". The AFTA offers all students an excellent opportunity to develop their own personal awareness skills, as well as being able to defend themselves quickly, efficiently and effectively.


Accredited NSW Active Kids Provider

The AFTA is an accredited Active Kids provider. Click here for more information.